Telehandler rotativ pentru teren GTH – 4018 R


• Genie® SR Rotating Rough Terrain telehandlers are a perfect heavy-duty choice for loading, unloading, moving and placing loads in rental applications and construction sites
• With their compact dimensions, they can be used with winch attachment as a crane and reach places large cranes cannot access. They provide excellent manoeuvrability on congested jobsites without compromising reach and lifting capabilities
• Attachments such as a man-platform, a jib or a winch will add job flexibility and improve efficiency
• Robust, simple to operate and maintain over years of demanding use
• Very intuitive and easy to use integrated control system
• Equipped with a patented double effect stabiliser system, which further extends the machine stability area, therefore improving its lifting capacity. Each stabiliser can be easily deployed and retracted at a push of a button. The stabilisers retract inline with the chassis and wheels, making the machine more streamline and allowing the operator to manoeuvre the unit in tight spaces
• Multifunction, proportional joystick 5×1 for fast and precise positioning. An optional second joystick on the left side allows the turntable to rotate separately from the other movements
• The turnable is oversized, strong and durable
• Hydrostatic transmission for continuous speed control, accurate positioning and superior climbing capability
• Limited slip differential on rear axle increases wheel traction for maximum efficiency on muddy or uneven terrain
• With power assisted steering, four-wheel steer and three steering modes, Genie® rotating rough terrain telehandlers have a tight turning radius for increased mobility and flexibility
• Superior ground clearance
• Powerful engines fitted to permit easy access to components.
• Part commonality and no-tool access to direct service points for easy servicing

Specificații tehnice

andreiTelehandler rotativ pentru teren GTH – 4018 R