Nacelă autopropulsată cu braț articulat – Z-34/22IC


Efficient Electric or Bi-Energy power for all day use.
• The revolutionary Genie Bi-Energy system combines the quiet, emission-free and efficient operation of a 48V DC machine with the versatility of a diesel powered generator to provide a boom that is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
• Both models operate with the all-new Sep-Ex 48V DC drive system. The Bi-Energy has the added feature of an on-board diesel powered generator. The generator acts as a 100 amp battery charger to provide enough electrical power to operate all boom functions even when the batteries are fully discharged.
• The Sep-Ex drive motors and controller provide automatic hill braking and ramp braking.
• The Sep-Ex drive system allows maximum drive performance resulting in 30% gradeability and 6.4 km/h (4.0 mph) travel speed.
• The Sep-Ex motor controller eliminates the need for forward/reverse contactors or speed sensors. This reduces complexity and improves the reliability of the drive system.
• The direct electric, 48V drive system provides outstanding battery life when not using the engine generator.
• An on-board 25 amp AC charger is standard to provide a means for overnight charging.
• Up to 227 kg (500 lb) lift capacity.

Specificații tehnice

andreiNacelă autopropulsată cu braț articulat – Z-34/22IC